We’re Property Developers that dream up and deliver luxury properties for the high-achievers of Melbourne

Your eyes start to dance around the room,
soaking in the detail and subtle sensory touches.
Your body is awashed with warmth from the natural light flooding through.

After a moments pause to take it all in…
your mind presses fast-forward and makes a mental picture of what a life lived here would be like.
Imagining the precious moments and memories made…in this place that you could call your home.

Our home owners never recall these words we use.
But, what they do remember… is how they felt the first time they came home to their new lifestyle.

We’re renowned as ‘the spark’ specialists for good reason. You’ll see.

Each morning we wake to evolve our exciting ideas into tangible reality. We partner with incredibly talented and well-respected humans - to influence a dream lifestyle for another special someone in our community.

Our journey ‘sparked’ as youngsters; watching our parents work incredibly hard with a common aspiration of achieving ‘The Great Australian Dream.’ Back then, it resembled owning a spacious home with a lush green backyard.

But, as time passes, imaginations and expectations evolve. We rightfully question what constitutes ‘quality living’ and what a dream home in Melbourne resembles.

Combining our common vision and balanced male and female perspective, we want to lead the way in conversing in and constructing - what resembles the ideal home of today. That’s luxuriously designed with the smarts of a sustainable future.

Development Director:
Prash Ravindran

Managing Director:
Anu Ravindran

To us, the ‘Australian dream’ reignited - is the story we remind our kids of every day...that image of ‘green grass’ has been replaced with a story of hope and ambition. 

‘Whatever you desire for your future; however you visualise it; you have the opportunity to make it your reality. It’s starts with finding your inner spark.’

Our Why: We’re empowering people to live their best life; one that celebrates and inspires ‘the spark’ of purpose and connection. We're reigniting the Australian Dream. Read on to understand how you can be apart of it.

We see it as both our dream and our duty as Developers - to enrich the neighborhoods and livelihoods of Melbourne. After all, It’s our collective home.

Our carefully curated and highly qualified team have experience that spans the last thirty years, and we have capability to both internally manage projects of varying sizes and scope and partner with an established network of trusted advisors.

MakeSpark seeks quality investment opportunities and investment partnerships. Our exemplary development track record is backed by valuable partnerships founded on trust, impact and success.

We are known for generating above average returns through our value-add processes across our projects. We are currently looking for development opportunities and partners for property developments. Contact us today.

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